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Jul 07,2020 / PPS Renault

How To Take Good Care Of Your Renault During Monsoon

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We all enjoy long drive or just a short drive during a downpour. But we cannot assure that your car is having the same pleasure as you. Want to know why? Then read on to know the top best tips to take good care of your Renault. The rainy season brings an array of glitches for your car. The cold and wet weather blended with high humidity is not only a reason to arise problems while driving, but also shows the adverse effects to cause rust and corrosion. If the right preventive measures are not taken before you determine to brave the storm in your car, you might have to expend an outrageous amount of money on the breakdowns later or it can even worsen the situation like putting you in a major accident.

To avoid all those serious consequences, you should get your Renault general upkeep service/maintenance done before the monsoon arrives. If you are looking for an authorized Renault service center in Hyderabad, make a visit to your nearest PPS Renault service center.

Well, now let’s move straight into the topic to know what those best tips are to keep your car in great condition during monsoon. Here is the list given below to check out some tips that you can follow to make sure a safe ride throughout the monsoon while saving on big-ticket repair costs.

Examine the tires thoroughly

One of the frequent problems faced during the monsoon is hydroplaning. Car tires have grooves that are furnished to clutch the vehicle on the road while throwing the water away from the contact patch. When the tires of a car get washed-out, they cannot push enough water away and the contact patch is momentarily lifted. This eventually makes the car to spin or lose control which is called as hydroplaning. To prevent this from causing any mishap, you should replace the worn-out tires and keep them inflated at the proper pressure.

Monitor the brakes: 

Car brakes should be in first-rate condition during the monsoon. Get the brake fluid inspected and refilled on a regular basis and ensure the brake line does not allow water or air that blocks the flow of the brake fluid. Clean the brake pads and change them if needed.

Check the windscreen wipers:

During the rainy season, rain can block the view and the driver may find difficulty in following the road. Wipers take off dirt and water droplets from the windscreen and provide a clear view ahead. Nevertheless, the wiper blades tend to outwear quickly due to continual exposure. Evaluate the status of your windscreen wipers at variable speeds and change them if necessary. Keep a wiper fluid in your car to clean the windscreen whenever needed.

Check the battery of your car:

Before the onset of rains, assess the condition of your car battery and the rest of the electronic equipment of your car. You can protect the battery diligently by applying a coat of petroleum jelly on its terminals. At the same time, examine the condition of all fuses, and carry back-up fuses if you can. You also have to change all external wires and check if the parking light and brake light are working rightly while driving. It is essential to insulate all silty and weak electrical connections to avert a sudden breakdown during the downpour.

Check the headlights: 

Heavy rainfall can affect clear visibility and hamper the correct functioning of headlights if they got any cracks. Change the headlights if they are damaged before the monsoon, as water can easily seep in from the broken parts and damage the bulb and other electrical parts of your vehicle.

If you are facing any of the above mentioned problems and have to get tyres / headlights or any part of your Renault replaced, bring it PPS Renault - one of the best Renault service centers in Hyderabad. You are sure to love their professional services by the highly qualified technicians.

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