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For most Indian families buying a car is about making a choice that fits everybody’s needs, right from the budget, fuel efficiency, the creature features and comfort, because we love to go all in when we’re out enjoying our time with family.

And that is exactly what Renault India has taken care of in designing the Lodgy.

family shopping in renault lodgy car

The French car maker has successfully made a mark in the automobile industry with its quest for constant innovation and improving the drive standards of the Indian cars. Now what comes as a pleasant surprise is besides innovation, Renault has also taken into consideration the Indian sentiments with its bold MPV, the Renault Lodgy.

With the car being branded as the perfect family MPV and adage following that says, Rishton Ki Sawari, here we find out why the Renault Lodgy is your best lodgyical (logical) decision to make.

And while we’re at it, you could also visit an authorized Renault car dealer in Hyderabad to know more about the different variants and price ranges being offered.

First things first, the space is what stands out about the Lodgy, literally. Even for a compact MPV, the Renault Lodgy has so much to offer in terms of space. Designed to be a 7 seater ( 8 possibly) the seats can be moulded into 56 different configurations, with 60:40 tumble and fold 2nd row seats and 50:50 split, tumble and fold 3 rd row seats. And when you do that, the boot space expands from a 207litres to 1861 litres.

Renault Lodgy Interior Seating PPS Renault Hyderabad

Meaning you could easily invite all your friends or a huge family with the extra luggage and still travel comfortably.

Renault Lodgy Storage PPS Renault Hyderabad

While we’re talking of the space, we might as well indulge a little in the interiors of the Renault Lodgy. Renault’s major goal to accomplish with the lodgy was to design a car, that is spacious yet easy to manoeuvre, one that has a powerful

engine yet fuel efficient and one that hosts a zillion features yet remain cost effective.

Well, like I said, all in when it comes to choosing the right thing for the family.

And here’s what we get to see in the new Renault Lodgy -

Luxurious yet practically designed cabin, with lots of storage space and cubby holes, a 12V mobile charger with sockets on all three rows, efficient cooling technology with roof mounted ac vents on all the rows.

Renault Lodgy Dashboard PPS Renault Hyderabad

The premium dual tone gris-fume and beige interiors, chrome-finished AC Vents, piano black center console with chrome surround, leather-wrapped steering wheel with glossy metal finish, 3 pod instrument cluster with onboard trip computer, power windows with anti-pinch feature on driver’s side, chrome finished gear knob, premium alpaga beige quilted leather are just the beginning of an exhaustive list of design elements that the Lodgy boats of.

Renault Lodgy Infotainment  PPS Renault Hyderabad

Now that we’ve established it can carry your family comfortably, let’s see how it pulls.

The Renault Lodgy comes with a powerful K9K engine;

Just a small sidestep - The K-Type engine is an evolution of the Energy engine, itself derived from the Cléon-Fonte engine in which a hemispherical head incorporating a camshaft driven by a toothed timing belt was fitted. The K9K is a family of straight-4 turbocharged diesel engines co-developed by Nissan and Renault. The turbochargers used with this engine are provided by Garrett and BorgWarner.

The 1.5 L diesel engine, already tried and tested on the Renault Duster, comes with a 110 ps 6 speed transmission gear box, that picks up just as efficient as it brakes. The pickup and feedback system of the Renault Lodgy is one that you can always rely on. The fuel efficiency and cruising ability of the Lodgy have also been proven time and again.

Renault as a brand has been around for more than 117 years, consistently pioneering a wealth of innovation, that grew from being known as a French company to an international group, building cars that adapt to human needs than the other way around and hence the host of features that make life easier - media nav with reverse camera, cruise control and speed limiter, intuitive audio & phone controls.

Renault Lodgy Front View  PPS Renault Hyderabad

Now if you’re still here for more reason – we can keep going on.

The Renault Lodgy is built on an European design, with a stylish chrome grille, bold headlamps with DRL, stylish and functional roof rails, side door moulding with chrome insert, sporty alloy wheels, chrome tailgate garnish, arrowhead style tail lamp, rear defogger and wiper which makes it both the best of Sedan and an MPV.


Now that you know the lodgy has ticked all the boxes to be rightly called the car for the Indian families, go ahead and test drive the Renault Lodgy at your nearest Renault Showroom.

This September, you can also avail cash discounts up to Rs. 1.5 Lakhs on the Renault Lodgy at PPS Renault, Hyderabad, an authorized Renault Showroom in Hyderabad.

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